Blue Button Cafe

An art and craft cafe, for adults and children, to promote emotional and physical wellbeing.       A safe place for all.

Emotional Wellbeing Through Arts and Crafts

Blue Button Café is a relaxed, warm and welcoming environment for all to enjoy a nice drink and some delicious food.  Visitors can choose to engage in art and craft activities too, whilst being surrounded by the work of local artists and crafters. The main purpose is to offer a safe place where people can engage in mindfulness, through art, with the outcome of relaxation and perhaps the opportunity to talk.   

We also aim to encourage individuals with learning difficulties, mental health and emotional challenges to use art as a vehicle to communication, expression and mindfulness.

There is a wealth of evidence that art and craft activities provide a measurable boost in positivity and healing. Cathy Malchiodi, an art therapist and author claims, ‘Engaging in creativity, just once a day, can improve state of mind.’ ‘That there is a correlation between positive emotional wellbeing and creativity.’

Antony Gormley, sculptor and designer of the Angel of the North believes that ‘It is not possible to become a fulfilled human being in this astonishing world without knowing what to imagine, make and do’.

His belief is supported by Ben Cooper, a researcher, who states, ‘Arts education can support personal development, help children develop the confidence to adapt in an ever-changing world and give them the ambition to aim for a career in Britain’s booming creative industries.’

Mental health difficulties are on the rise and have never been so high on the public agenda. However, services are stretched and waiting lists are long.

Simply put, art calms the mind, gives a person space for themselves to think, heal and grow.  These are the motivations behind the Blue Button Cafe.