Blue Button Cafe

An art and craft cafe, for adults and children, to promote emotional and physical wellbeing.       A safe place for all.


Mug of tea £1.25

Pot of tea for 1 £1.50

Pot of tea for 2 £2.50


Mug of special tea £1.50


Flat white coffee £1.50

Americano £2.10

Espresso £1.60


Latte £2.50

Latte Macchiato £2.60

Chociatto £2.60

Cappuccino £2.60


Hot chocolate £2.50

Hot chocolate the works £3.00


Milkshake £1.50

Glass of milk £1.00

Kids milk £0.50


Can of pop £2.00

Bottled water £2.00

Glass of diluted juice £1.00

Kids diluted juice £0.50

Jug of diluted juice £2.00


Extras: Oat/soy/almond milk £0.30

Syrup £0.40




Lighter Bites

Homemade soup £2.95

Homemade soup and bun £3.50

Cheese on toast £2.95

Beans on toast £3.50

Bowl of chips £1.95

Toast, butter and jam £1.95


Finger food £2.95

(cheese/ham, breadsticks/rice cakes, grapes/pepper, crisps)




Sandwich/Toastie/Wrap £3.95

(with salad and crisps)

Choice of fillings:

Cheese and Branston pickle

Tuna, sweetcorn mayo

Chicken and cranberry

Salami, pesto and cheese

Ham and Branston


Jacket Potato  £3.50

Choice of toppings:


Cheese and beans

Tuna and Branston

Tuna, sweetcorn mayo

Chicken and cranberry

Ham and cheese


Meals £4.50

(With peas/sweetcorn/beans and chips)

4 Fish Fingers

6 Chicken Nuggets

½ Smoky Sausage

Chicken Burger in a bun

Veggie Burger in a bun



Meal of the Day!

See the board in the Blue Button Cafe



If you have a food allergy or a special dietary requirement, please inform a member of staff or ask for more information.

(Please see information below about Dishes and Allergens)


Sweets & Treats


Children’s Afternoon Tea £7.00

Adult’s Afternoon/Gentleman's Tea £10.00


Cakes and sweet treats from £0.50


Ice cream, 1 scoop £1.50

Ice cream, 2 scoops £2.00

Ice cream, 3 scoops £2.50

Jelly and 1 scoop of ice cream £2.50

Jelly pot £1.00


Packets of sweets from £0.20