Blue Button Cafe

An art and craft cafe, for adults and children, to promote emotional and physical wellbeing.       A safe place for all.

Make and Take

At the Blue Button Cafe there is a range of art and craft activites for adults, teens and children to make while relaxing.  Go on get creative and have some fun! You then get to take your wonderful creations home (if they are too wet or sticky, feel free to write the person's name on and collect on a different day).

Each week, we have either an art or craft focused activity at the Creation Station!  Everything that you need is there.

1 - Pick your activity

2 - Collect your resources

3 - Make and take home

Activities are organised according to difficulty or level of skill.

They are organised into drawers and each drawer has 1, 2 or 3 buttons on.

Key: 1 blue button on the drawer = least challenging

An increase in blue buttons = an increase in challenge

We have a selection of items starting at £1.00 up to £15.00

Please help your child when chosing resources to ensure there is challenge but not frustration.

There are aprons for children to wear, these are positioned next to the fire place, please return them after use.

Remember tidying up is part of your child taking responsibility for his or her own actions.

(Please let us know if you require certain materials for a specific craft and we will add it to our 'wish list')


Art and Craft Loyalty Card Reward Scheme

Did you know that Blue Button Café have and Art and Craft Loyalty Card Reward Scheme?

For each Art or Craft activity session, you will receive a stamp on your Loyalty Card.  Present your completed Card and you will receive an Art or Craft activity of your choice (up to the price of £5).

These are available for children, teens and adults.  Please read the T's and C's below:

Terms and Conditions (“Terms”)

Blue Button Café Ltd Loyalty Card Reward Scheme 2021 (“Scheme”)

1. Subject to availability of Loyalty Cards, one stamp will be given per sale of an Art or Craft Activity at the Blue Button Café Ltd..

2. The Loyalty Card must be valid for the Scheme.

3. Participation in the Scheme is scheduled to take place from 1st July 2021 subject to availability of loyalty cards and to any extension of the Scheme as determined by Blue Button Cafe Ltd and notified from time to time in these Terms (which Blue Button Café Ltd may alter for this purpose).

4. Present at Blue Button Café Ltd, before ordering, one completed Loyalty Card to obtain a free Art or Craft Activity to the price of £5.

5. Loyalty Cards shall become void for all purposes after the end date for the Scheme, which will be announced on Blue Button Café’s Social Media platforms.

6. A Loyalty Card may only be redeemed once.

7. The Promoter may terminate or suspend the Scheme at any time in the event that supervening circumstances occur which are beyond the Promoter’s reasonable control (including, without limit, where stocks of loyalty cards have been exhausted due to unexpected demand or have become un-useable for any reason). Details of any such termination or suspension shall be posted at on the same page as these Terms, under ‘Make and Take’. In the event of such early termination, customers who have at least 4 Stampers on a Loyalty Card may exchange these for a half price Art or Craft Activity to the price of £5.

8. The Promoter’s decision in the exercise or interpretation of any of its rights or discretions in connection with these Terms shall be final and binding. Blue Button Cafe Ltd may waive or modify any requirement under the Terms where a person might otherwise not qualify for the offer and without implying any obligation to relax that requirement in any other case.

9. Any Loyalty Card which appears in the absolute discretion of a Blue Button Café Ltd to be photocopied, counterfeit, illegible, stolen or damaged will be invalid for all purposes and will be retained.

10. The Promoter retains at all times ownership of Loyalty Cards.

11. The presentation of a Loyalty Card for a stamp amounts to acceptance of these Terms and to their respective interpretation. It is the Customer’s responsibility to show his/her Loyalty Card and request for it to be stamped under the Terms and Conditions above.